Friday/11th Music Schedule

“The Blue Ball”

Time: 4 pm to midnight
Location: ReAnimate Yourself Tent (Guercio Park)
Tickets: $20 (can be purchased at the door)

4-4:30 pm

4:30-6 pm

Funky Tonk HeroesFunky Tonk Heroes
The Funky Tonk Heroes play a unique brand of funky country dance music that can transform a typical social gathering into an all-night funky country hoedown. With their hard driving funky country sound, powerful vocals, inspiring solos, & pocket rhythms, they engage audiences and fires up the dance crowd.
6-6:30 pm

6:30-8 pm

The Widow’s BaneWidowsBane_Photo
The Widow’s Bane incorporates elements of roots revival, sea shanties, klezmer, vaudeville, gothic-rock, and ballads. The band defines their genre as “Zombie-Death-Polka.” Their live show is characterized by zombie-style makeup, Great Depression-era costumes & creepy animatronic movements of the lead singer. The Widow’s Bane “Don’t Be Afraid; It’s Only Death” Official Music Video
8-8:30 pm

Grandpa / Ice Queen Look-a-Like contest
8:30-10 pm

EufórquestraEuphorquestra (pronounced yoo-FOHR-keh-struh, think euphoria + orchestra) has been igniting dance floors across the country, blending the roots of funk, soul, afrobeat, reggae and dub to create a sound that explodes, dances and melts in your ear with sheer bliss.
10-10:30 pm

Ice Queen and KingGrandpa / Ice Queen look-alike contest winners crowned King and Queen of Parade of Hearses & receive his and hers Selk Bags from Mountain Man Outdoor Store in Nederland, Colorado.
10:30-12 pm

Silent DiscoFDGD “Silent Disco” featuring Gangsterish & Sassfactory

Silent disco (also known as “quiet” or “silent listening” parties) is a unique, social music experience whereby the sound is transmitted through wireless headphones to each guest — only those with headphones can hear what’s being played. Sound Down PartyThe headsets have multiple channels that light up different colors, so participants can see what everyone else is listening to. If you’ve never been to one before, you do not want to miss out on a wildly fun time! Brought to you by SoundDown Party — Denver’s Silent Disco Company.